Acquire the skills required to carry out dental implant treatments, both simple and complex cases, from the first consultation to the maintenance therapy or prosthetic rehabilitation.

 Master in Immediate Implantology and Soft Tissue Management


Valencia: October 2020 - July 2021.

Madrid: October 2020 - July 2021.



Maximum number


Practical content

Practice on patients: 70%
Pre-clinical practice: 10%



Thursday and Friday: 8am until 2pm and 3:30pm until 8pm

Saturdays: 9am until 1:30pm (fortnightly)


The experience and research accumulated over the last 40 years has transformed implantology into one of the most precise and trustworthy treatments. It therefore forms an obligatory part of daily clinical activity.

However, the aim of dental implantology is not to fit dental implants, but instead to replace lost teeth in order to restore aesthetic and chewing functions.

This master's course has been designed to ensure that general dentists acquire the skills required to carry out dental implant treatments, both in simple and complex cases, from the first consultation to prosthetic rehabilitation.

Particular importance will be given to complex immediate loading cases, post-extraction implant cases and manipulation of soft tissue.


Each student will fit 50 implants on patients provided by the centre itself and mentored by the teaching staff.


Programme summary


  • Core concepts of oral surgery and implantology.
  • Preparation of the surgical field and preoperative care.
  • Implant treatment for total and partial edentulism.
  • Implant treatment of total edentulism.
  • Implant-borne prosthetics.
  • Guided bone regeneration and guided tissue regeneration.
  • Techniques which avoid the use of bone grafts.
  • Maintenance of dental implants.
  • Facial aesthetics.

Pre-clinical practice

Practice on models, phantoms and pig jaws

  • Live surgery carried out by the teaching staff.
  • Planning and diagnosis of clinical implantology cases via radiological studies. Diagnosis and planning of complex cases.
  • Managing emergency clinical situations and cardiopulmonary resuscitation.
  • Implant fitting in pig jaws: cutting protocols.
  • Surgical instrument handling.
  • Assembly of surgical field in the dental surgery.
  • Knot and stitch handling.
  • Incision design and flap management.
  • Management of prosthetic attachments in phantoms.
  • Photographic technique in implantology.
  • Guided surgery software and fabrication of surgical splints for minimally invasive surgery.
  • Guided marrow regeneration in pig jaws.
  • Manipulation of soft tissue in pig jaws.
  • Workshop on filling the lower third of the face with hyaluronic acid.
  • Presentation of clinical cases treated during the course.

Clinical practice

  • First patient visits: diagnosis, study models and imaging.
  • Surgery performed by students on patients. Application of learned techniques.
  • Taking patient measurements: open-tray and closed-tray.
  • Splinting of printed copings.
  • Implant-borne prosthetics.
  • Maintenance of dental implants.
  • Treatment for problems and complications following implant surgery

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Experienced professors in dental implantology

All lecturers are expert surgeons in dental implantology. This is also the case in maintenance therapy.



One of the markers of Vericat Formación is the heavy practical weighting which enables students to learn the best and most advanced techniques to carry out dental prosthesis.


Structured theoretical content

With a high scientific quality in the content, the theory classes are taught by way of presentations and seminars, reviewing the current concepts of diagnosis and therapeutic planning.


Support adapted to the needs of each student

Right from day one, the teaching staff will guide each student in order offer them training adapted to their needs in order to ensure they get the most out of the course.